Getting a Stone

If the idea presented appeals to you, and you feel drawn to put a stone with your name on it into the virtual field, you may fill in the form at the end of this page. Besides your name we need, of course, your religious affiliation in order to rotate the stone into the correct position.

Identifying your nationality is, of course, voluntary. We need your e-mail address in order to contact you. It will not be published or passed on. If, however, you want to make it known to the visitors of this site, please check the checkbox below.

In the comment field you may record best wishes, your own thoughts or ideas, events out of your own life or anything else of value, which may be of help to the underlying intention of the stone-field.

Having received your entry, we shall send you an e-mail containing a link. By following this link you will confirm your e-mail address. As soon as we have placed your stone in the field, we will send you another e-mail as receipt. Please note that we have limited resources consisting of only a few active participants at present. Placing your stone may take a few days.

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