My Reasons


Upon a first visit to a website such as "Statement for Peace", I, myself, would agree with the thoughts presented there, as a result of my inner convictions. However, before signing in, I would request some more specific information concerning the background of the program and the person behind it.

I was born in Hamburg on August 8, 1962. As a consequence of an accident during physical education in 1978, I suffered a spinal cord injury, which has paralyzed me from the neck downwards. After my return home from the clinic, people in my environment helped me in every way to take part in daily life again. I was given the chance to take the final examinations at school, to graduate, and to study physics at the University of Hamburg, to travel to various countries and meet all kinds of people.

Owing to my situation it is obvious that I am dependant on help much more than others. Consequently I have met many people in my everyday life and during my travels, who in different ways have offered me their help and their support. However, neither nationality nor religion have ever played a role.

This site was created by carrying out the thought that it would be wonderful, if as many people as possible, without concern for their view of life or their personal situation, could meet each other with the same friendliness and care that I was granted.

The already placed in the field stones may show you, that the desire for a peaceful co-existence with each other, is far more prominent in the thoughts of people, than is generally assumed. Perhaps you may thus be encouraged to lay down a stone yourself, or to serve this idea in some other way.

It would be wonderful, if this website could be of some contribution to better understanding amongst people the world over.

Jan-Peter Börnsen