Meaning and Purpose of this Site

In a world in which many religious disputes and various related conflicts have not been solved as yet or have even increased in some regions. We often only have a limited view of those people who want to live with each other in peace and tolerance.

The project shown here serves to present those people, who urgently wish to live in a world which demonstrates peace and understanding towards people who possess other opinions, and where manifoldness is not considered to be a danger, but rather as an enrichment to society.

The Stone

This site would like to offer an opportunity for a public statement to those who share these convictions and wish to plead in their favour. For this purpose, you may acquire a virtual hexagonal stone, which displays the symbols of the five world religions, as well as a blank space along the edges. The stone will be turned in such a way, that the symbol of your religion or the blank space appears on top. The blank space may be used by atheists or members of other religions, and those who consider every religion as a suitable path towards God. You are encouraged to add more details concerning your choice in a field reserved for comments which is attached to each stone individually. Finally, after you have chosen one of the six variations of the stone, based on your conviction, your name will be placed in its center.


Leerer SteinChristentum SteinBuddhismus Stein

Judentum SteinHinduismus SteinIslam Stein


Each of the symbols found on every stone is related to one of the religons as follows:

The Cross - Symbol of Christianity

The Wheel of Life - Symbol of Buddhism

The Star of David - Symbol of Judaism

The Aum - Symbol of Hinduism

The Star and Crescent - Symbol of Islam

All the stones will be collected into a virtual field and arranged in the shape of a honey-comb. Newly added stones will be placed around the already existing field, thus growing in a ring-shaped way. You may take notice of the current appearance of the field by choosing The Field from the menu. Then, by using the mouse, you can zoom into the field until you can read the names of the individual owners. When hovering with your mouse above a stone, you can read the owner's entries. If you find some comments you especially like, note the number of the stone in order to find it again.

Laying down the stone is not in connection with any obligation on your part, except that which you take upon yourself. You should not enter your name just out of a passing mood, nor should you just wait until you feel sure that you can realize all your good intentions under all circumstances. This statement should be seen rather as a beginning. It should remind and encourage you to carry into your every-day life the idea of a constructive and harmonious life with others.

Second Step

If enough people show interest in this project, a possible next step might be to pave a piece of ground with real stones, following the principles of this idea.

Some Remarks

This site is intentionally kept simple and free of any opinions or judgements. It is our hope that many people who agree with the aims mentioned above, will put a stone into the field, regardless of their living conditions or convictions.